Defending the Devices on the road: Otterbox!

May 16, 2012

The Otterbox cases have always been my favorites, though admittedly bulky. In the roadtrip ahead I will be on the road most of the time looking up information on my phone and the iPad, and I certainly dont want anything to happen to either of them! Dust and water are the biggest enemies of electronics along with the omnipresent possibility of dropping the device itself (Ugh!). All my passport and visa scans along with tons of other relevant documents including the Lonely Planet guides will be loaded onto both these devices. Not to forget the GPS!

However these cases destroy the sleek uber cool form factor of both the devices and transforms them to something straight out of a Transformer or Sci-Fi movie. And when I am on the road I want my devices to toughen up like I myself have to. Survival of the fittest they say, Survival of the best prepared and protected I say!

Head to the Otter Box Website for more stuff from them! And thanks to Otter box for giving my devices the protection they need!

I just wish they make something for the road for MacBooks, however I am told that the Lenovo T520 which I will be getting from Lenovo is tough as they get for demanding ‘jobs’ like mine. That we will see!

The Otterbox iPad Defender case, two layers of protection.

The Otter Box Utility case, allows one to hang and use the ipad while walking etc. A cool one for navigating cities and augmented reality apps.

The Otter Box iPhone defender case.

There is an additional case cover for the Ipad which clicks on from the front to protect any pressure on the screen during a fall or pressure inside the backpack, plus it clips at the back and turns into a foldable stand as seen below:

The build quality is wonderful an svelte, as svelte as it can be while not compromising on the actual intended function of the case .


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