Road to the Beginning: Part 2: The First Roadblock

May 19, 2012


Running back home and entering New Delhi at the ‘Start’ and Misano at the ‘End’ in Google Maps gave me an ‘overview’ of what lies ahead. The eyes scanned from the right to the left and within a centimeter of that all my hopes came dashing down. I already knew, but the map confirmed pretty well that the countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan were in my way as almost impenetrable virtual walls. Especially for an Indian journalist on a very expensive bike on a ‘mission’ that needs the highest rate of success you can get at a preparatory stage. Delhi to Pakistan has been done before by India, but I had no mood to take any sort of chances with the polity and paperwork involved. Especially since I had only four months to prepare.


The Way Forward on the Map

The start point had to be a place where a Ducati MultiStrada could be made available. Ducati Dubai was zeroed upon. Now the question was if I could ride from Dubai to Italy. Another quick overview showed that no matter how hard I will try there will be a little bit of Iraq in between, amongst Saudi Arabia. And I didn’t want to get two more visas, especially through the troubled regions.


The map above shows the unadjusted route through the intended countries which involves a lot of Iraq, even if you try to go around Iraq, there is still a wee bit of distance you will be required to travel through it.

The Final Route

After a substantial amount of tweaking and ‘reality checks’ I froze this route:

It would weave through the following countries : Dubai and Abu Dhabhi (UAE), Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia and through to Italy. The kilometers would be approx. 8000 to 9000 depending on the detours taken.

You can read about the detailed route on this page.

However the real test was still ahead – getting the visas, and this time there wasn’t just one to get…

Next Blog: The first ‘real’ step: Visas

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  1. rohit sharma on May 19, 2012 at 9:51 AM

    All the best

  2. karthik on May 19, 2012 at 12:58 PM

    I’m willing to get in to the trip

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