From One Village to Another: In Greece

June 12, 2012

Today’s ride was relatively short. Just 200 kms. Today I would be descending the Mount Pelion area and cutting a bit across Greece towards the west and settle down in the municipality of Lake Plastiras in the village of Kalyvia.

Usually nature suffers a loss whenever man has developed anything. However, Lake Plastiras seems to have actually made the area where it’s located more beautiful. It is a man-made (artificial) lake first thought by a Greek General – Nikoloas Plastirasin 1925 to combat the floods caused by Tavropos river. However, we all know the lake might have caused ecological damage or disruption of the natural lifecycle around it.

The lake was first flooded in 1962. Today it is one of the highest lakes in Europe (750 m) and is also a tourist destination because of its ‘natural’ beauty.

I took a ride around the periphery of the lake, taking some off roads till he shore of the lake, imagining what a spectacle and magic it would have been to see a dug up piece of land getting filled up with water to create one of the most beautiful lakes in Greece. One day it wasn’t there, and the other it was. Yes man is capable of magic, and I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunsets…

Cherries in Zagora, Mt.Pelion, Greece:

Descending Mount Pelion

Lake Plastiras:


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