The Home Run

June 15, 2012

It has been 28 days on the road, with a little lesser in riding days. 7000 kms have been done so far. The last seven days remain of the biggest roadtrip of my life. I have seen many countries and cultures, ridden through rain and snow, dust and heat. have taken thousands of curves. BUT, just to make things more  memorable, I have slightly modified the route so to fit in TWO MORE COUNTRIES – Slovakia and Austria,  and three of the worlds best passes – Highest road in Slovennia, GrossGlockener Pass in Austria and the Stelvio Pass in Italy!

So here is to the final home run:

June 15th Thursday: Budapest to High Tatras, Slovakia 276 kms **
June 16th Saturday : High Tatras, Slovakia to Bratislava, Slovakia 350 kms
June 17th Sunday: Bratislava to Ljubiana 450 kms
June 18th Monday : Ljubiana to Gorizia to Grossglockner 350 kms (via Slovenia’s Highest Road and ending at GrossGlockner Pass, one of the most beautiful roads in the world)
June 19th Tuesday : Grossglockner to Inssbruck 200 kms*
June 20th Wednesday : Innsbruck to Timmelsjoch to Stelvio Pass 235 kms  (Two stunning high alipine passes, Timmelsjoch and the famous Stelvio Pass)
June 21st Thursday : Stelvio Pass to Bologna : 385 kms*
June 22nd Friday : Bologna to Misano 128 kms (reach World Ducati Week)

The final odo should stand at 9500 kms.

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